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September 2013 Newsletter


With the holiday period well and truly over I thought it was time to put pen to paper again, I am sorry for the lack of newsletters over the last couple of months but things have been a little busy.

Firstly I would like to thank Dud Wright for all his hard work with the previous website, thanks Dud and I hope the cycling is going well.

Welcome to Toby Mears who has constructed a new site and will also be looking after it on behalf of the club.

Things are warming up in the club championship as we come to the last few rounds and all championship contenders make sure you attend the last few trials of the season to score maximum points.

The club will hopefully be running a Normandale Championship round again next year. Would any members who are able to help in anyway please put their name forward and I am sure we will be able to find you a job, either before during or after the event. Observers will be a major issue as it is for most club trials, the event will be run on a Saturday again so please try and help if possible.

The date will be confirmed shortly but we are hoping early January again.

As mentioned before Toby will be looking after the new website. If you have anything you would like to post on it or would like to see on it please contact him through the contact page on the site

The next club trial will be held on 20th October at Irthlingborough, all classes, 10.30am start. We will be setting out on the Saturday 9.00am, so if you can spare an hour or two please come along and help.

Next month I will hopefully be continuing with the spot light on a club member.