Club rules



1.The Aim of the Club is to encourage and promote motorcycle trials throughout the South Midlands Centre. Organizing and promoting trials events within Northamptonshire and by supporting other ACU Affiliated clubs.
2.The Club will endeavor to organise and promote training days throughout the year.
3.The Club may through the committee promote other social events throughout the year.
4.The Club will organize a presentation evening which will be held annually.
5.The Club will endeavor to publish a monthly newsletter, which will be forwarded to the Membership.
6.The Club will also keep the Membership informed through its website.
7.The Club may make representation to outside bodies with regard to any matter affecting motorcycling, whether it is at local, national or international level.
8.The Club may if appropriate and at the discretion of the Members, support any charitable cause through donations and organizing of events.

(The Club will consist of members they shall elect a committee, the committee will be responsible for conducting Club business.)


1.The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting, which shall be held on the second Tuesday of APRIL each year.
2.The Committee will finalize the venue for the A.G.M.
3.The membership will be notified of the meeting, the venue and the agenda.
4.The A.G.M. will be held for the following purposes:
(a) To receive the report of the committee, together with the treasurers report.
(b) To elect a President and Vice Presidents.
(c) To elect members to form the Committee.
(d) To elect an Auditor.
(e) To accept and approve the amended constitution and rules of the Nene Valley Motor Cycle Club.
(f) To discuss any other business, which can be properly transacted at this meeting.


1.The Committee shall meet on the second Tuesday of each month unless there are reasons for changing the date.
2.Non committee club members are welcome to attend any of these meetings.
3.Club members will be notified of the venue, & time via the newsletter or the club website.


1.A Committee elected at the AGM shall govern the Club. At the first meeting after the AGM officers of the Club will be appointed, firstly a chairman and minutes secretary will be elected followed by vice chairman, general secretary, treasurer, membership secretary, trials secretary and newsletter editor.
(a) Any committee member who is absent from three consecutive meetings without reasonable cause shall forfeit his/her membership of the committee.


1.The Club shall be affiliated to the Auto-Cycle Union, the fee being paid by the club.
2.The Committee may make recommendation regarding other individual affiliation fees these will be discussed and approved at the next General Meeting.


1.(Membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee.)


1.The Committee shall decide on all Honorary Memberships.
This shall be for life on the proviso that the Member confirms annually his/her continuing interest and support of the Club.


1.Subscription Fees will be discussed during the meeting following the AGM. The membership will be advised of any proposed changes via the Club Website or Newsletter.
2.Subscriptions are payable to the Membership Secretary every twelve months following the date they joined the club.
3.In the case of new members, they shall fill out the application form and forward it together with the subscriptions fee to the Membership Secretary.
4.No rider shall participate in any event until the membership fee has been paid and their ACU affiliations has been approved.


1.The members must respect the Landowner wishes regarding the use of his land and must conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times.
2.The Club reserves the right to prohibit members from riding bikes before and after the Trial has been completed.
3.Membership cards must be produced, if requested by any person acting on behalf of the club.


1.A parent/guardian MUST accompany members (under 16 years) at all times whether practicing or competing.
2.To comply with Insurance requirements, a Crash Helmet, Boots, Gloves and Long-sleeved shirt/jacket MUST BE WORN at any Trials event.


The following are guidelines for the conduct of members when practicing or riding in Trials events.

1.Whatever type of event you are riding in, you should be fully aware of the A.C.U. National Sporting Code and current regulations, as published in the A.C.U. Handbook. You will sign a form saying that you are fully aware of both the above, every time you enter an event. If you have affiliated to the A.C.U. you will receive a copy of the ACU handbook.
2.You will also need to be aware of the Supplementary Regulations published for each event by the organizing Club. These form part of your Entry Form. It is your responsibility to read them.
The following guidelines are often actual Supplementary Regulations, so It is good practice to follow these at all times.
3.When riding in a trial, you should not ride in a section or across a section without the express permission of the Observer of that section.
4.You should not ride at excessive speeds or endanger other riders/spectators whilst riding between sections.
5.You should not carry a passenger on your bike unless it has been adapted to do so – i.e. sidecars.
6.If riding is permitted in the Car Park, care must be taken not to endanger other people or property.
Be aware that such riding may not even be permitted. See the Supplementary Regulations.
7.Be aware that riding on the ground prior to the start of the event, may exclude you from the event.
8.No non-participants may ride unless the have signed on and paid the entry fee. Otherwise they will not be insured
9.Being abusive or argumentative to Observers or Officials is unacceptable behavior, If you have a complaint about an Official or Observer (or score), please make a proper complaint to the Clerk of the Course (which is the proper procedure.) If this is unsuccessful you may follow this up through the formal appeals procedure.
10.Animals should be on Leads at all times.


Rider/Contender will only score points towards the Club Championship after they have joined the club, no backdating of points.

Points awarded are :   1st. 10,  2nd. 8, 3rd. 6,  4th. 5,  5th. 4,  6th. 3,  7th. 2,  8th. 1.

All Club Championship Rounds to count towards overall score with the lowest event score dropped for each rider.

Must ride at least 50% of rounds to be a contender for the Championship.

Adult Championship Classes must have at least three contenders for an award to be presented to the winner.




Observed motorcycle trials in Northamptonshire