Events & Results 2018

ALL riders must show ACU license at each event. All Youth riders must have magnetic lanyard kill switch fitted.

Events start at 10:30.

Please ensure you sign-on by 10:15.

Entry fees: Online by midday the day before the trial £15 adults £10 youth.  Or on the day before 10.15.

7th Jan 2018 Honeydon Cancelled
4th Feb 2018 Cranford Firs Open  Bill Holt Results 4.2.18.
11th Mar 2018 Glendon Open  Albert Glover Trial 11.3.18. Results
22nd Apr 2018 Cranford Firs Open Chairman’s Shield Trial 22.4.18. Cranford
20th May 2018 Cranford Firs WESSEX PLANT HIRE


 Link to details on ACU website
24th June 2018 Honeydon

MK44 2LT

Open Fergus Anderson Results 24.6.18. Honeydon


22nd Jul 2018 Glendon & Geddington KIA National  Kia Round 5 22.7.18. Result Sheet
Sat 11th Aug


Honeydon Practise
16th Sep 2018 Cranford SMC Total Championship Rd  Ravensoake Results 16.9.18
14th Oct 2018 Geddington Open Janet Jones 14.10.18. Results Sheet
 18th Nov 2018  Honeydon MK44 2LT  Open  Rose Bowl Trial


Observed motorcycle trials in Northamptonshire