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       19th November 2014

To All South Midland Club Secretary’s.

I apologies that this letter is late, just had a busy period with the AGM etc

Insurance and event costs.

I have just today received a note from Rugby with new insurance rates. There will be a new Insurance Matrix issued on Friday, but the nub of the costs are Trials Insurance Adult £3. (from £2.70) and Basic Package for Motocross from £650 to £700, and the additional / reduction for rider numbers will remain the same.

I will bring this up at Management as a discussion point, as a big jump after two zero movement years does not impress anyone !

You should already have seen in the Management Minutes that the Centre has increased some costs. They are Permit per event £22 (£20) Levy per rider £1.10 (£1) However the Stewards Fee for all Expert and Total Championship Trials will be paid by the Centre, so that will probably save most Clubs £35 per year. It will probably cost around an additional £2.50 for other trials events assuming 50 riders.



Unfortunately this letter doesn’t seem to get to Club Treasurers, as I asked that Affiliation Forms should all be sent to me, either with a cheque for the value, or the cash could be sent electronically to the Centres account. After numerous years of sending the form and cheque to the Centre, some still went to Rugby. As they are virtually all in now, I will remind clubs in a year.


Dates Meeting.

            The dates meetings went fairly well, with no clashes that were irreconcilable. So thank you to all the clubs who gave way – however grudgingly – we got there.


AGM and Board Meeting

            The AGM and Board meeting went well and we gained a couple of new Management Committee members, and retained many existing members. The list is

President, Colin Moram;                      Chairman. John Coles;

Vice Chair, Chris Mawer;                     Secretary, Terry Golds;

Treasurer, Judith Ayres;                       Permit Secretary, Ian Reynolds;

Stewards Co-ordinator, Roy Watson;    Track Racing Recorder, Dave Porter;

Motocross Recorder, Judith Ayres;       Trials Recorder, Karen Southwood;

Noise Inspector, Terry Golds;               TSM Editor, Fred Sparkes.

Rights of Way, Chris Hurworth              Ben Fund, Fred Henley and Dave Porter

The Centre Life Vice Presidents are Mrs Myrna Green, Mr F Henley, Mr Colin Sweby, and Mr Brian Valder

Vice Presidents are Mrs Mary Martin, John Coles, Laurie Erwood, Colin Nunn, Bob Twigg, Fred Sparkes


Clerk of the Course Seminar.

The Centre Trials CoC Seminar will be held on the 17th January at North Hall, start time to be 10 am sharp. If your club needs Clerks, please get your names to Bob Twigg certainly by the 15th December or there will not be time to get papers etc from Rugby. NO day entries!!

The Centre Motocross CoC, and Technical Seminars will hopefully be held in January or February, and I am currently in contact with Eddie Jones, Roy Humphrey and John Coles to find a date to hold both, Motocross in the morning and Technical in the afternoon.  So let me have names and addresses for these two asap.

I am not sure if there is homework or not.

Any member of the Centre is welcome to attend a Management Meeting, They are held at 7:30 pm on the last Tuesday of the month, at North Hall. Please let me know if you or any club members would like to attend.

With kind regards.


Terry Golds

Centre Secretary

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