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AGM 12th April 2016

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Nene Valley Motorcycle Club, held on Tuesday 12th April 2016, commencing at 8 p.m.

Present:  Roy and Graeme Watson, Judith and Brian Ayres, Doug Swanson, Daphne Robinson, Julian and Jo Collins, Graham Bishop, Steve Bird, Paul Davies, Jamie Howe, Tony Jones.
Apologies : Eileen Swanson

The President Doug Swanson took the chair.

Report on the accounts:

The accounts were discussed fully by the committee and Roy explained how the income was  greatly improved by running the National Trials resulting in a healthy balance in the bank.
One outstanding invoice for portable toilet to be paid to N J Holt £120.00.

To Elect a President:    Paul Davies proposed Doug Swanson    2nd Jamie Howe

To Elect Vice  Presidents    Mr D Jones, Mrs D Robinson, Mr G Watts, Mr J Lee, Mrs J Ayres, Mr B Ayres were all re-elected.

To Elect a Chairman:  Doug  proposed Paul Davies who declined and said he was not happy about the amount of support from the committee at the last Trial.
Doug then proposed Graham Bishop who accepted and was voted in.

To Elect Vice Chairman:  Paul Davies proposed Jamie Howe and he was voted in.

To Elect a Minutes Secretary:  Jamie Howe proposed Eileen Swanson 2nd Tony Jones

To Elect a Committee: The above were all elected to the committee en block apart from Steve Swanson who has not been able to attend.

To Elect an Auditor:  Roy Watson proposed Robert Gibson 2nd Doug Swanson

To transact ant other business:

The committee agreed that subs and entry fees should stay the same.

There being no further business the meeting closed at  8.30 p.m.

AGM Minutes 2015

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Nene Valley Motorcycle Club, held on Tuesday 12th May 2015, commencing at 8 p.m.


Present: Malcolm Eveley, Roy Watson, Judith and Brian Ayres, Doug and Eileen Swanson, Daphne Robinson, Julian and Jo Collins, Graham Bishop, Simon Dumbrell, Steve Bird, Paul Davies, Jamie Howe, Tony Jones, Steve Swanson, Toby Mears.


The President Doug Swanson took the chair.


Apologies were received from: Graeme Watson, Dave Watson.


Report on the accounts: The accounts were discussed fully by the committee.



Subs:                                   126.00

Profit on trials:               696.40

Refund ACU                       80.00

Bank Interest:                     2.87





ACU                                             30.00

Trophies/Vouchers             490.00

Sporting Motorcyclist            66.00

Printing/Stationary                44.94

Companies House                    13.00

Audit Fee                                     72.00

Riding No’s                               115.00




Surplus for year                      £95.03




To Elect a President:          Paul Davies proposed Doug Swanson  2nd Jamie Howe


To Elect Vice Presidents   Mr D Jones, Mrs D Robinson, Mr G Watts, Mr J Lee, Mrs J Ayres, Mr B Ayres were all re-elected.


To Elect a Chairman: Tony Jones proposed Paul Davies 2nd Jamie Howe


To Elect Vice Chairman: Paul Davies proposed Steve Swanson 2nd Doug Swanson


To Elect a Minutes Secretary: Jamie Howe proposed Eileen Swanson 2nd Tony Jones


To Elect a Committee: The above were all elected to the committee en block apart from Malcolm Eveley who declined.


To Elect an Auditor: Roy Watson proposed Robert Gibson 2nd Doug Swanson



To transact ant other business:


The committee agreed that subs and entry fees should stay the same and should be reviewed early in 2016 if external cost increase..


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.


The April meeting is now Wednesday 8th April, 8pm, at The Green Man, Leighton Bromswold. NOT Tuesday 7th as previously stated.

Please come along if you can as we need a good sized working party to make arrangements for the KIA trial.

April club meeting

The April club meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th April, 8pm, at The Green Man, Leighton Bromswold.

The meeting is a week early in order to make arrangements for the April 19th Kia trial for which the club needs a strong working party.

South Mids Nov 14 News



21 Buckingham Drive       Luton Beds LU2 9RA

Phone 01582 455714

Mob 07747 855264

       19th November 2014

To All South Midland Club Secretary’s.

I apologies that this letter is late, just had a busy period with the AGM etc

Insurance and event costs.

I have just today received a note from Rugby with new insurance rates. There will be a new Insurance Matrix issued on Friday, but the nub of the costs are Trials Insurance Adult £3. (from £2.70) and Basic Package for Motocross from £650 to £700, and the additional / reduction for rider numbers will remain the same.

I will bring this up at Management as a discussion point, as a big jump after two zero movement years does not impress anyone !

You should already have seen in the Management Minutes that the Centre has increased some costs. They are Permit per event £22 (£20) Levy per rider £1.10 (£1) However the Stewards Fee for all Expert and Total Championship Trials will be paid by the Centre, so that will probably save most Clubs £35 per year. It will probably cost around an additional £2.50 for other trials events assuming 50 riders.



Unfortunately this letter doesn’t seem to get to Club Treasurers, as I asked that Affiliation Forms should all be sent to me, either with a cheque for the value, or the cash could be sent electronically to the Centres account. After numerous years of sending the form and cheque to the Centre, some still went to Rugby. As they are virtually all in now, I will remind clubs in a year.


Dates Meeting.

            The dates meetings went fairly well, with no clashes that were irreconcilable. So thank you to all the clubs who gave way – however grudgingly – we got there.


AGM and Board Meeting

            The AGM and Board meeting went well and we gained a couple of new Management Committee members, and retained many existing members. The list is

President, Colin Moram;                      Chairman. John Coles;

Vice Chair, Chris Mawer;                     Secretary, Terry Golds;

Treasurer, Judith Ayres;                       Permit Secretary, Ian Reynolds;

Stewards Co-ordinator, Roy Watson;    Track Racing Recorder, Dave Porter;

Motocross Recorder, Judith Ayres;       Trials Recorder, Karen Southwood;

Noise Inspector, Terry Golds;               TSM Editor, Fred Sparkes.

Rights of Way, Chris Hurworth              Ben Fund, Fred Henley and Dave Porter

The Centre Life Vice Presidents are Mrs Myrna Green, Mr F Henley, Mr Colin Sweby, and Mr Brian Valder

Vice Presidents are Mrs Mary Martin, John Coles, Laurie Erwood, Colin Nunn, Bob Twigg, Fred Sparkes


Clerk of the Course Seminar.

The Centre Trials CoC Seminar will be held on the 17th January at North Hall, start time to be 10 am sharp. If your club needs Clerks, please get your names to Bob Twigg certainly by the 15th December or there will not be time to get papers etc from Rugby. NO day entries!!

The Centre Motocross CoC, and Technical Seminars will hopefully be held in January or February, and I am currently in contact with Eddie Jones, Roy Humphrey and John Coles to find a date to hold both, Motocross in the morning and Technical in the afternoon.  So let me have names and addresses for these two asap.

I am not sure if there is homework or not.

Any member of the Centre is welcome to attend a Management Meeting, They are held at 7:30 pm on the last Tuesday of the month, at North Hall. Please let me know if you or any club members would like to attend.

With kind regards.


Terry Golds

Centre Secretary

The Auto-Cycle Union was founded in 1903 as a Branch of the Royal Automobile Club and is the Governing Body of British Motorcycle Sport

South Mids Sec Report 13-14

Secretarial Report 2013-14                     9th November 2014


As always I would like to start with a few statistics, there are 30 Affiliated clubs in the Centre, There are 1179 registered members in our centre, around 20 are non riding member’s, they are stewards and Clerks etc. So we are maintaining a good share. The ACU currently record 21 Centres including Scotland, 340 clubs that have requested Permits and almost 20500 members including Road Race and Speedway..

The last statistic is that after 51 years Mr Moram left the South Midland Panel of Stewards, so on behalf of the Centre can I say an enormous thank you Colin, great job. After the other jobs he has done both at the FIM and at Rugby, He has certainly earned his position as Honorary Vice President of the FIM. Vice President of the ACU and President of this Centre. I imagine Mrs Moram has been wondering who this strange man is that has appeared in her life this year.


Individual licensing and affiliation is again available on-line, and of course still by paper copy using snail-mail, but it both cases you need to get a “unique number” from your membership secretary.

There is an option for clubs to enter their membership details on the system at Rugby, which will then allow their current members to rejoin the club and renew their licence or affiliation at the same time, without unique numbers. There is no deduction of handling charge when the membership cash is returned to the Club.


The Event Entry system at Rugby is currently being used by Trials and Motocross clubs in our centre, and it is very easy to use. In fact Northampton and Luton are in the top 3 as users, and the S M accounts for 15 % of all events entered in this way. For lads who are not A-CU members who wish to ride in the event, the system takes an extra £10. This covers either a one event licence for motocross or an annual Trials Affiliation. So this may get the club a few new members. Members can still enter by post and paper on the day. Clubs can also access the Stop list of riders who for whatever reason are currently banned from riding in A-CU events, and I encourage clubs to look at this from time to time. A new reason for the ban has been added “Caution; only allowed to enter trials’”

If any club Secretary does not have their ACU System Login, please let me know.


Insurance this year will rise by around 10% from January 2015.

The Centre Finance committee decided that some of the charges should rise this year after remaining constant for the last three years. To leave them again may well mean that next year the increase could be excessive. Therefore from 1st January 2015 the cost of a Permit will be £22, the Centre Trials Levy will be £1.10, and honoraria to increase by 5%. Mileage costs to remain at 30p per mile. However to help clubs running Expert Championship rounds, the Centre will pay for the Steward: Board approval of this will be by acceptance of the Management Minutes of July 2014


At risk of repeating this annually, can I stress that the Accident Report Forms should be sent to our insurers for every event, even if the report is blank, and the Risk Assessment form needs to be completed for every venue clubs use at least annually, and re-assessed if there is a relevant change at the venue. It will be invaluable should any incident reach the courts, to show that we have tried to do our homework before the event starts.


Some of our centre members have had some really good results this year. Alexz Wigg has come 12th in the World Trials Championship, and 3rd in National Championships with Sam Haslam 6th. The Normandale A Class has Billy Bishop first and Tim Blackmore second, and D Class, Chris Koch won with Graham Haslam second. In the British Expert Sidecar Championship Jamie Howe as passenger is in fourth place with 1 round to go.


In Motocross I can only find reference to Neville Bradshaw, who has come 4th in the Maxxis MX2 Championship.


In sidecar Enduro Dan Lawry with Jamie Mitchell in the chair managed 4th in the Expert championship this year, and Dad, Peter Lawry riding shotgun for Andy Strutt in the Clubman Class came 8th, all four being members of South Reading, so a feather in your caps boys..


In Track Racing Harland Cook is on his third win in the 500cc British Championship that I know of, as well as good placing’s in the 250 and 350, and Mark Cossar has again won the British 1000cc Right hand sidecar title.

James Putterill of Hitchin has won the Bemsee MRO Clubman 600 Championship in Road Racing and several local lads, who unfortunately many of us will not have heard of, are doing really well in that particular discipline, a couple of them winning their classes.

My Congratulations to all of them.


Centre trials have been entertaining again and entries I think are being maintained at similar figures to last year. The youth entries have picked up a tad, possibly due to the revised format of a Total Championship being run at a number of venues where the land lends itself to run all classes. The majority of events are now run as No stop and it is now pretty much working. But again not all land we use lends itself to that style.


The Sporting Motorcyclist is still put to good use, advertising to the other Centres that we have some really nice events going on. The Classic Trials series pulls in riders from other centres, and I think the Motocross clubs get a few too.


At Management we have had a number of things going on. I have been able to cancel a few meetings, resulting in a couple of longer meetings making the journeys of a number of members more worthwhile.

Last year The SM Centre suggested an open day at Rugby, It turned out successfully and would be repeated, I am disappointed to note that it hasn’t been repeated, and I have asked Dave Porter to take that up at NC. We also asked for more visibility of the ACU, and we have had a reduction in the cost of tape, we can purchase banners and shirts and jackets, but I have not seen any change, probably because clubs or individuals have to buy the items.  We also said that communication was poor, specifically distribution of Committee minutes, and now they have to be distributed within 2 weeks and that seems to be working.


You will all know about HS2, which was expected to affect the trials ground at Dews Farm. This kick started a land search through Ian Reynolds using an agent and we are expecting a report around the end of November. I also have to thank Bob Brown of South Harrow club who asked his MP to look into any effects HS2 may have on the land, and we have received a note, copied to Bob from the CEO of HS2 effectively saying that they will not require the land.


We have asked the Motocross Committee at Rugby to look at track layout, as it has been suggested by riders that a Supercross style track could put off the guys that have to go to work on a Monday morning. We suggested that tracks are built and looked at from the point of view of enjoyment and safety, not just as an exercise in ensuring that every track has every obstacle in the handbook, taken to the limit. That should be discussed at MX Committee next week I believe.


The use of Drones to film events came up and with the cost of them coming down, we could envisage problems arising with dads wanting to follow their sons at motocross events and there being dozens of them in the sky. We made Rugby aware of our worries and there will be a piece in the handbook saying that, if notified prior to the event, the club or CoC has the option to allow their use, but only if the operator has a CAA licence and relevant Insurance.


The website has been having around 150 hits each month but has had 250 since September, so please make your members aware of the site and encourage them to visit the site.

I have made a start on the Roll of Honour on the website, I hope to add more names and mini biographies of World Champions from our Centre when I get quiet months. If anyone has one they would like to add please send it to me.


There are still a handful of Clubs that have not returned their affiliation to me so please do so asap.


Dave has left the collecting tin for the Ben Fund, and a few TT badges for sale and I would encourage you to drop in your change. You should be aware that 2 Centre Members received £2000 each from the Ben Fund last year, and it would be good if we could contribute to the fund in appreciation of the donations it makes to all Motorcyclists.


As usual, nuff said, Thank you to all the Clubs who have put on events, I have enjoyed participating in many, and on behalf of the riding members, thank you to all the organisers, your work is really appreciated.


Terry Golds

S Midland Centre Secretary

Ravensoake Trial Report 16th Nov 14

Report on the Nene Valley Motorcycle Club Annual Ravensoake Trial

Venue: Wadlands Railway, Near Daventry.      Date: 16-11-2014

Report written by Paul Davies

Nene Valley MCC held their annual Ravensoake Trial at Wadlands Railway, near Daventry on Sunday. This is a new piece of ground for our club. This was the final round of the club championship. With 37 riders, including Celebrity Motorcycle enthusiast and Comedian Ross Noble attending for what was to be a great Traditional South Midlands Centre trial. The trial was set out on Saturday with the wet conditions in mind. The trial was 5 laps of 8 sections, and it certainly was exciting and entertaining for the riders, observers and spectators.

The Expert class was won by Jonathan Lee who dropped 39 marks, followed by Graeme Watson in second place with 50 marks lost; Simon Dignan came in third place with 58 marks lost.

The Youth A class was won by Sam Rolls who dropped 42 marks, followed by Joe Collins in second place with 80 marks lost; George Barker came in third place with 92 marks lost.

The 50/50 class was won by Alistair Allen who dropped 85 marks, followed by David Gardner in second place with 97 marks lost.

The Inter class was won by Paul Haddingham with 51 marks lost; second place went to Callum Wilkinson on 102 marks lost.

The Youth 50/50 class was won by Conor Southwood with 92 marks lost, second place went to Fraser Strutt with 95 marks lost.

The Clubman class was won by Paul Davies with 42 marks lost, followed by Colin Ridgeway with 60 marks lost, Paul Robinson dropped 66 marks in third place.

The Novice class was won by Tom Bishop with 68 marks, followed by Steve Southwood in second place with 94 marks lost, meanwhile our celebrity guest Ross Noble came in a respectable third place with 100 marks lost, but he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

The Easy route was won by Bryan Deveroux who lost 36 marks, followed by Gary Hall in second place with 38 marks lost

The Sportsman route was won by Brian Ayres with 61 marks lost, followed by Toby Mears in second place with 66 marks lost, third place went to Ryan Brown who also lost 66 marks, but was placed third due to Toby having more cleans recorded on the day.

A very BIG thank you to the land owner for allowing us to use the land, and all of the observers for manning the sections. Also a big thank you to all of the people who have helped in the preparation and setting out of this seasons club trials.

A BIG thank you to all the riders and land owners who have supported the club over the last 12 months, we hope that you have all enjoyed yourselves and look forward to seeing you again next year.

The first round of the 2015 club championship will be held at Hills & Holes – Uppingham on January the 18th 2015, hope to see you all there.


Full results:141116 NV Ravensoake Trial Results


Ross Noble


2015 NVMCC membership and unique codes for 2015 ACU license renewal available at our trial Sunday 16th November.

See Jamie Howe, NVMCC membership secretary, or contact him by email:

Nene Valley Normandale 7th Feb 2015

It is confirmed that Nene Valley MCC will host the first round of the 2015 Normandale Championship on 7th Feb.

The trial is a road based circuit and will be two laps of approximately 15 miles and 20 sections.

The circuit will start at Cranford Firs and take in up to five groups of sections using existing and new venues.

The championship is primarily aimed at twin-shock and pre-65 bikes but modern bikes are welcome too.

More info will be posted as it becomes available.